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What services does Meadowlands offer?

Meadowlands provides a wide range of residential and commercial services including Renovations, Interlocking, Landscaping, Decks & Fences, Pools, Concrete, and Construction projects.

Where does Meadowlands operate?

Meadowlands primarily serves the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and we offer quality construction and landscaping services

How do I request a quote or consultation?

To request a quote or schedule a consultation, contact Meadowlands via phone, email, or their website. We’ll then schedule a convenient time to discuss your project.

What sets Meadowlands apart from other construction companies?

We’re recognized by Homestars as one of the best home improvement service providers in the GTA, known for high-quality work, speedy delivery, and effective communication. We also offer a wide range of services to meet diverse customer needs.

How do you prevent weeds between interlocking stones?

Our installation process includes proper base preparation and joint sand application to minimize weed growth between interlocking stones.

How long does it take to build an average-sized deck?

Deck construction timelines depend on factors like design complexity and material availability, but most projects are completed within a few weeks.

What type of access is required for landscaping or construction work?

Access requirements vary depending on the scope of the project, but typically, contractors need sufficient space for equipment and materials delivery.

How late into fall or winter can Meadowlands build interlocking projects in Toronto?

At Meadowlands, we thrive in Toronto's diverse seasons, offering interlocking services year-round. Our experienced team adapts to weather conditions to ensure timely completion without compromising quality.

Can Meadowlands handle the Toronto building permit application process, especially for decks and fences?

Yes, Meadowlands assists clients with the Toronto building permit application process, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Does Meadowlands offer financing?

Yes, Meadowlands does offer financing for your projects.

Is it possible to build an in-ground swimming pool if access is less than 40 inches wide?

Meadowlands specializes in customized pool installations and can work with narrow access points to bring your vision to life.