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Backyard Landscaping Company in Newmarket

Turn your backyard into a beautiful and functional outdoor oasis with Meadowlands Group, your trusted backyard landscaping company in Newmarket. We specialize in creating custom dream backyards that perfectly suit your lifestyle and needs.

Our Process for Professional Landscaping in Newmarket

Here are quick and easy steps to secure our backyard landscaping services in Newmarket:

Initial Contact
Share your contact information, email address, and a brief description of your landscaping vision.

Understanding Your Needs
We'll discuss your goals and get a rough idea of the project scope. Feel free to send pictures of your backyard for a better understanding.

Rough Estimate
Based on your initial information and pictures, we'll provide a ballpark estimate before scheduling a site visit

On-Site Meeting
Our team will visit your property to take exact measurements and discuss your project in detail.

Quote & Project Start
Following the on-site visit, we'll send you a detailed quote outlining the project scope and cost. Once approved, we'll get started on creating your dream backyard!

Our Landscaping Services in Newmarket

Custom Backyard Landscaping Design
Our experienced Newmarket landscape designers will create a personalized landscaping plan that reflects your taste and complements your home's architecture.

Custom Backyard Construction
Our skilled Newmarket landscape contractors and construction crew will bring your design to life, using top-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

Custom Backyard Renovations Newmarket
Breathe new life into your existing backyard with our renovation services, including patios, decks, fences, water features, and more.
Here's why you can trust Meadowlands as your Newmarket backyard landscaping partner:

Why Trust Meadowlands as Your Professional Backyard Landscapers in Newmarket?

Hiring Meadowlands Group's professional Newmarket landscapers ensures a high-quality, stress-free experience. Our expertise guarantees:

Beautiful and Functional Designs
We create backyards that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also meet your functional needs.

Expert Project Management
We handle every aspect of the project, from planning and permitting to construction and final touches.

Quality Materials and Workmanship
We use only the best materials and ensure our work meets the highest standards.
We believe in complete transparency. We provide detailed quotes and estimates, and you'll receive deposit receipts for your peace of mind.
Proven Results
We believe in the power of social proof. We encourage client reviews and readily share pictures of our completed projects, showcasing the quality of our work and the stunning backyards we create.
Innovative Techniques
Our team stays up-to-date on the latest landscaping trends and technologies. We incorporate innovative techniques to ensure your backyard is not only beautiful but also functional and sustainable.
Communication and Responsiveness
We prioritize clear and consistent communication throughout the entire project. We establish a WhatsApp group for easy communication, provide regular updates on progress, and proactively reach out to you – you don't have to chase us for information.
Excellent Customer Service
Our customer service is second to none. We treat every client with respect and provide exceptional service throughout the entire project lifecycle.
Client Education
We believe an informed client is a happy client. We take the time to thoroughly explain the landscaping process, answer your questions openly, and educate you on the materials and techniques we use.

Meadowlands is Your Go-to Newmarket Landscape Contractors

We don't just create backyards; we create beautiful outdoor spaces that reflect your unique style and enhance your Newmarket property. Contact Meadowlands Group today and let us transform your backyard into your own personal oasis. Call us at 647-696-6554 and schedule a consultation.

Meadowlands is Your Go-to Newmarket Landscape Contractors

How much will my backyard landscaping project cost?
The cost of your project will depend on several factors, including the size and complexity of your backyard, the materials you choose, and the scope of work. However, we can provide a rough estimate based on the pictures you send us before scheduling a site visit. During the on-site meeting, we can provide a more accurate quote after taking exact measurements and discussing your project in detail.

How long will it take to complete my backyard landscaping project?
The timeframe for completion will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project. During the initial consultation and on-site meeting, we'll provide you with an estimated timeline for your specific project.

Do you handle the permitting process?
Yes, we can handle the permitting process for your backyard landscaping project, ensuring everything is completed according to municipal regulations.

How do I maintain my new backyard landscape?
We'll provide you with personalized maintenance recommendations based on the specific plants and materials used in your backyard. We can also offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your outdoor space looking its best.

What does “hard landscaping” mean?
“Hard landscaping” refers to the non-living, permanent elements incorporated into a landscape design. This includes features like patios, walkways, decks, retaining walls, fences, and drainage systems. Hard landscaping provides structure, defines spaces, and creates a foundation for the softer elements like plants, trees, and gardens.